Coford Research Information


All Ireland Roundwood Production Forecast 2016-2035    COFORD All Ireland Roundwood Production Forecast 2016-2035 (2016)




LandAvailability   Report by COFORD Land Availability Working Group: Land Availability for Afforestation - Exploring opportunities for expanding Ireland’s forest resource (2016)




Mobilising Ireland's Forest Resource   Report by COFORD Wood Mobilisation Group: Mobilising Ireland's Forest Resource (2015)




COFORD - Forestry 2030 Papers (Revised June 2014)

COFORD Connects Research Notes-

Irish Timber Growers Association - Information services for private growers

Irish Timber Growers Association -

Forestry & Timber Yearbook -

National Forest Inventory

Ireland’s National Forest Inventory 2017 - Main Findings (Report 2018)

The purpose of the National Forest Inventory (NFI) is to record and assess the extent and nature of Ireland’s forests, both public and private, in a timely, accurate and reproducible manner. Reliable, current and consistent information is required to inform domestic forest policy, to support forest research and fulfil national and international reporting commitments.

For more information, see National Forest Inventory, DAFM

Miscellaneous forestry information links and annual reports

Land Market Review and Outlook 2016 LandMarketReview2016- Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland / Teagasc




UN Economic Commission for Europe - UNECE Timber Committee Market Statement for Ireland 2018

UN Economic Commission for Europe - Forestry & Timber Section: Data and Statistics

Windblow Taskforce (March 2014) - Guidance for Forest Owners with Windblow

Forest Industries Ireland (FII) -

ThinkForests FIIThink Forests - FII Publication




IFFPA 2017 Report -   An overview of the Irish forestry and forest products sector 2017

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