Mackinnon Report

 Review of Approval Processes for Afforestation in Ireland (November 2019)


Coillte - 

Forest Service, DAFM

Forest Service -

Forest Service - Forest Management Tools


    Felling and Reforestation Policy (DAFM, May 2017)




Environmental Guidelines for Afforestation

    Environmental Requirements for Afforestation (DAFM, December 2016)




Forests, Products and People - Ireland's forest policy

    Forests, Products and People - Ireland's forest policy, a renewed vision (DAFM, 2014)




COFORD Forest Policy Review Group Report on 'Forests, products and people'

    COFORD Forest Policy Review Group Report on 'Forests, products and people - Ireland’s forest policy – a renewed vision (2014) - A Report on Policy Implementation with Recommendations (COFORD, 2018)





    Prevention and Restoration of Damage to Forests: Reconstitution of Woodland Scheme (Windblow) (DAFM, 2016)




 Current Forestry Grant Schemes  -

- Afforestation Grant and Premium Scheme 2014-2020

Information on Change of Ownership for Grant aided plantations  -

National Forest Inventory

Ireland's National Forest Inventory  -

Pesticides Regulation and Control Division, DAFM

Pesticides Regulation and Control Division -

- Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive (SUD) Summary Compliance Requirements post 26 November 2016 (PDF)

- Guidance Notes on Integrated Pest Management For Use On Irish Farms (PDF)

- National Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Pesticides


Teagasc Forestry Development Unit -

- Overview of forestry grant rates

Forest Sector Statistics

Annual Forest Sector Statistics
An annual report has been published on the web that brings together previously published and new statistics on the forest sector in a single publication. The plan is to update the document annually to reflect changes in the forest sector, such as new afforestation.
Ireland's Forests - Annual Statistics - Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

See also our Miscellaneous Industry Statistics page.


Forestry Act 2014  -

Forestry & the Law (DAFM) - Forest Service, DAFM

Legal requirements for afforestation - Teagasc

Health and Safety Authority (HSA)

Health and Safety Authority -

Health and Safety Authority - Irish Forestry Safety Guides (IFSG)  A suite of Safety Guides modified for Irish use by kind permission of FISA, including:

Health and Safety Authority -  Health & Safety Forestry Information Sheet

Health and Safety Authority -  Safe Load Securing of Round Timber Information Sheet
See also Safe Load Securing of Round Timber Poster (Forest Industry Transport Group)

Timber Transport Good Practice Guides

RoundTimberTransport  Forest Industry Transport Group -   Round Timber Transport - Guidelines for Hauliers and Drivers (July 2017)




Managing Timber Transport - Good Practice Guide  Forest Industry Transport Group -   Managing Timber Transport- Good Practice Guide (2014)
  (Advice on resolving timber transport issues for local authorities, timber haulage companies and forest owners in Ireland.)




Forest Industry Transport Group -  Safe Load Securing of Round Timber Poster


LoadingTimberfromRoadside Timber Transport Forum -   Loading Timber From Roadside - Good Practice 2016




Forest Industries Ireland (FII - formerly IFFPA)

Forest Industries Ireland (FII) -

IFFPA 2017 Report -   An overview of the Irish forestry and forest products sector 2017

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