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The new Fire Weather Index is now showing details for different regions in Ireland and is showing a link to the DAFM Fire Danger Notices.

The high risk period for fires in Ireland is generally February until October.

No burning of vegetation should take place between 1st March and 31st August (See Prescribed Burning Code of Practice - Ireland)

Met Eireann Fire Weather Index (Available All Year):

The Met Eireann Fire Weather Index consists of 3 indices:

  • Fire Weather Index - Overall Fire Risk
  • Fine Fuel Moisture Content Index - Indication how fast smaller scrubs and vegetation has dried out
  • Initial Spread Index - How difficult it would be for fire to be put out (mainly driven by windspeed)

For more information, listen also to Countrywide radio clip (4th March 2023)

See also Department Fire Danger Notices on

Fire Weather Index Indicators

For an explanation of Risk categories, see DAFM Forest Fire Risk Warning System Overview

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