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  1. Previous fires may hold the key to predicting and reducing the severity of future wildfires in the western United States as fire activity continues to increase, according to researchers.
  2. You can't squeeze water from a rock. But tree roots can -- and they're doing it more frequently than scientists previously thought, with a new study finding that bedrock is a regular source of water for trees across the United States, not just an emergency reserve during droughts.
  3. Tropical rain forests are becoming fragmented at a higher rate than expected. By analyzing high-resolution satellite data, researchers were able to measure even the smallest piece of tropical forest and study the changes in tropical fragmentation. In a new paper, they discuss how this previously unnoticed and underestimated increase in fragmentation to almost one third of the forest area has consequences for the global carbon cycle.
  4. Setting fire to forest and agricultural land in Southeast Asia to prepare it for cultivation or grazing causes air pollution that is contributing to an estimated 59,000 premature deaths a year, according to a new study.
  5. A new decade-long study reveals how aspen stands change their genetic structure over the years as trees balance defending themselves from pests with growth to compete for sunlight.

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