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  1. Researchers compared lake sediment, tree ring data and archaeological evidence to reconstruct a 1,200 history of fire, climate, and human activity of the Fish Lake Plateau, a high-elevation forest in central Utah in the U.S. They found that Indigenous people used small, frequent fires, a practice known as cultural burning, which reduced the risk for large-scale wildfire activity in mountain environments even during periods of drought more extreme and prolonged than today.
  2. More than 4 million square kilometers have been designated as protected areas globally in the past decade, without documentation of how effective such areas across the globe are at protecting.
  3. Throughout the U.S. East Coast, trees are dying off as rising seas and higher storm surges push saltwater farther inland. While these 'ghost forests' are becoming more common in North Carolina's coastal plain, scientists had only a rough idea of their extent. A new study mining 35 years of satellite images of a 245,000-acre area in the state's Albemarle-Pamlico Peninsula shows that, between 1985 and 2019, 11% of the area's tree cover succumbed to saltwater.
  4. Scientists have detailed how Arctic lightning strikes stand to increase by about 100 percent over northern lands by the end of the century as the climate continues warming.
  5. The asteroid that took out the dinosaurs left the planet in darkness. What did rainforests in South America look like before the impact, and how did they change as a result?

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