This website hosts an Online Directory of forestry services for all sectors of the forest, timber and wood-energy industries. It also acts as a portal for the Irish Forest Industry. This website is designed to host information about and for the Irish forest industry. Read More
  • Chalara fraxinea - Ash Dieback

    Chalara fraxinea - Ash Dieback

    Ash Dieback disease is caused by the Chalara fraxinea fungus. The disease causes leaf loss and crown dieback in affected trees, and it can lead to tree death. It is believed to spread from both nursery transplants and ash wood, consequently imports of nursery stock, firewood and wood for hurley Read More
  • Bioenergy & Biomass - utilising our forests

    Bioenergy & Biomass - utilising our forests

    In Ireland we have the opportunity to utilise more of our forests to the benefit of timber growers, biomass users and the rural economy. At present we do not utilise our logging residues, lop and top and slash from fellings. Read More
  • About the Online Directory

    About the Online Directory

    The Online Forestry & Timber Directory lists companies, consultants, enterprises and organisations involved in Irish forestry and the forest products sector. This current Online Directory features all directory listings in the 2016 ITGA Forestry & Timber Yearbook plus Online directory listings taken out on the website. Read More
  • Reducing the risk of Forest Fire

    Reducing the risk of Forest Fire

    Every year in Ireland, several hundred hectares of forests and woodland are destroyed by fire. The highest risk period occurs between February and June, when ground vegetation is dead and dry following winter. For this reason the danger can be extremely high even when it has rained recently. Read More
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  • Glennon Brothers

Glennon Brothers

Glennon Brothers
Contact person
Gerard Dolan (+)

Saw Mills, Longford, Co. Longford, Ireland

+ 353 (0) 43 3350830
+ 353 (0) 86 255 1086
+ 353 (0) 43 3350806
General info

Homegrown Timber Processors. Products include kiln-dried, strength-graded carcassing timber for the construction industry, pallet wood for the pallet and packing case industry, profiled timber (CLS) for the timber frame manufacturing industry and machined whitewoods for the construction and garden shed industries. Available nationwide through all leading building providers and D.I.Y. outlets.

Contact: Gerard Dolan 086-2551086

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